Vaccine Reactions for Dogs, What can I do?

Have you ever wondered, “What is herbalism and traditional medicine all about? How does it work?” Well, here’s a glimpse into the answer I gave my friend when she asked, “What can I do holistically to help my dog that’s having an allergic/toxic reaction to vaccines? Vaccinosis means allergic or toxic reactions to vaccines.

Herbs of the World offers several herbal blends to help your dog experiencing the discomfort of vaccinosis, an allergic or toxic reaction to vaccines.

  • Thumper is an herbal electrolyte and energizer that softens, soothes, and strengthens soft tissue, including mucous membranes. It provides plant-based nutrients high in B vitamins iron, and minerals. It’s very good for the heart.
  • Liver Up, a mild, yet effective detox for the liver, works miraculously rebuilding healthy cells, cleanse the blood and improve cardiovascular function.
  • Thuja homeopathic, 30 C, 3 pellets, three times daily for one week. This will help your pet’s body restore and over come the side effects of the vaccines.

I also suggested:

  • Feeding bone broths, steamed veggies, and raw meat. To make bone broths, boil knucklebones for 4 hours at a slow boil, strain, and do not season. Let dog drink 1-2 quarts a day for 5-7 days. This will alkalize, revive, nurture and restore systems in the body, after a trauma, weakness etc. Many cultures around the world use this method to stay healthy. Heck, even my Mom cooked bone broths when we were growing up and feeling under the weather.
  • The essential oils, Frankincense and lavender, added to a warm 50-50 blend of Castor oil and coconut oil base.  Lightly massage this blend over the kidney, down spine, and over hard lumps that are over the hips twice a day. This is very helpful. It only takes a few drops of essential oil to do the trick. You can rub pads of his feet with straight Frankincense or Vetiver oil (one drop per pad). Use daily until symptoms improve. Only use oils that are food grade, pure and non-toxic.
    A good source for oils is Rocky Mtn Oils. They are high quality oils comparable to Young Living and Doterra, but less expensive.

To recap, this is what “holistic herbalism” looks like when helping your dog regain its health after a traumatic incident such as vaccinosis.

  1. Herbalism (traditional medicine) Give pet suggested herbal remedies as recommended.
  2. Physical Comfort – Massage essential oils into body twice daily.
  3. Supplement Diet with Healthy Food – Feed bone broths in water bowl, and raw bones as food to chew on, steamed veggies, and raw meat.