Anti Oxidants, Food as Medicine

As an herbalist, I see the benefits and how anti oxidants, food as medicine helps both animals and people on a daily basis. Not only can we learn from how horses eat, we can also benefit by the things they eat. Humans can eat many of the same herbs and grains horses pick naturally in the wild.

For example, high natural oils in sage brush, mints and other related plants can encourage a healthy immune system and also naturally worm horses in the wild or in our pastures. It works the same for us humans.

Anti oxidant food, berries, greens, barks, leaves and more all work to keep mammals healthy and increase longevity. Adding more herbs, spices and natural grains in moderation to our diets everyday can result in long term can result in resilient health and wellness. Our food as medicine, remember to eat plant-based foods each and everyday.