Herbs of the World, Ehtical Herbalism

TufandKateyswimmingAt Herbs of the World, we provide quality and caring in every formula we make. All our bags of herbs are in recyclable packaging that is easily composted. We know that when life hands us trials, there is always a answer or a way to at the very least make suffering less or full recovery a reality. We promote the partnership between animals and humans. www.herbsoftheworld.com

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Summer Greeting, Health in Local Plants and Offer

Summer Greetings from Herbs of the World.
Daily in our small remote town of Salmon Idaho, we see herbs of Deer, Elk, Mountain goats, in or on the roads, our pastures or crossing our lawns daily. We sometimes see the wild horse herds on the high ridges and valleys of the mountains passing by.
We are definitely blessed to be able to live in a remote area that still has so much wildlife and plant life to enjoy. Often we ethically wild craft herbs to add to our formulas. Our horses are able to eat in our 46 acre mountain pasture , as the wild horses do. They are vibrant and fit.
It crosses my mind often how robust the animals are, watching them pick and chew the huge array of plants. The horses in the wild range up to 20 miles a day. Even eating fallen bee hives, thistles , roots , leaves,grasses and more.
It has always been the aim of Herbs of the World to bring quality, natural herbs to your horses feed tub, your small animals bowl, or the plant based human seasonings for health and well being. We use only recyclable packaging, Green practices, recycling of boxes and composting of our plant debris.
To celebrate the month of August, every box of herbs we send out will have a hand picked wild crafted , sage bundle as a gift for you , your home, farm and animals. Used to “smudge your house, barn or yourself and animals”. Like a sacred prayer, to cleanse negative energy, bring peace or clear the heart and mind, this is how it is used. We include instructions in each box we send.. If questions, contact : loryhl@aol.com.
MENTION; this post and receive a 5% discount off your order for the month of August.
Thank you for your patronage, patience and kindness. We hand mix all blends, and oversee each formula with love and care.
Kind Regards
Herbs of the World

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Weathering the Winter Months

We have 8 horses. Two of them are 23 years old, they are thoroughbreds. One mare is coming 19, a highly competitive, very fast appendix mare. One 11 year old paint gelding, also very competitive. He tends to lose weight quickly if he is stressed in any way.
We also have a yearling buckskin QH filly. A 10 year old Arab mare, a 12 year old palomino, QH mare and a 3/4 TB, welsh pony cross, pony.
The easy keepers are the Arab, Palomino, Pony and Yearling filly. The rest due to being lean, mean runnin machines, and older horses dont keep the weight on as easily.
So what to do? This is how we do it. The older and competitive horses get extra herbs such as a Garlic n Roses for immune, circulation, anti aging properties, with a tumeric blend like Free Flowin, for anti arthritic, digestion, anti oxidant properties.
We give whole grains, non molasses, when it is really cold out. Some of the horses needed their teeth floated, of course that is a big help. There is no real secret to keeping horses healthy. Feed them well if they arnt easy keepers, supplement as needed for the old or infirm, make sure the healthy ones, stay healthy and have access to quality food and water. We find a base formula, like Thumper, which has a slippery elm blend keeps the gut buffered, B vitamins and iron for the older or poor doers is sometimes essential.
Keeping them on the same herb formula indefinitely is not recommended. The body changes, the conditions change and it is good when giving herbs to do it 6 days a week. Every 3-4 months, changing the formulas to somthing else that may be needed for the body, or going without any supplements, just relying on good nutrition from the food is also important. Constantly over the 4 seasons we change it up. After all, variety is literally the spice of life!!

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Testimonial on Poise for Calming Competitive Horses

I have a 5yr old son of Sweet First Down by daughter of Dashing Cleat that is off the track and was abused. He had some serious anxiety issues and with the vets assistance never could get it under control. I was to the place of giving up on him when I was instructed to Loryhl and she got us started on these amazing products including Poise. Since being on this product My horse is now hauling and getting ready to start His Carrier as a rodeo horse. Im so excited Hes such a talented horse. K Trimmel

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Herbal Diet Sheet and Herbal Meat Balls for Carnivores, Pets

We suggest you get the name of a good dry dog or cat food, for convenience sake. This is so that you can use it when you are too busy to feed a raw diet or are traveling.
As you can, add more organic raw meats to your pet’s diet, and/or fresh road kill/fresh wild meat. If you know any hunters get the organ meats, bones, raw meat, etc. Separate them into small pieces and freeze them in zip lock bags. You can pull these out when needed and give them to your pet. Act like your pet is an extremely valuable part of the wildlife exhibit at a local zoo, and needs its natural diet and habitat to keep healthy. Raw knuckle bones are particulary useful in maintaining and or restoring a pets health. The marrow of the bones is essential to provide the natural nutrients contained in them for bones, sinew, joints, and muscle.

For instance, animals in the wild first eat the half digested contents of the intestines. Since most of their prey are herbivores (mice, deer, rats, etc) they eat the partially digested grasses, herbs, seeds, grains, and other organs near the intestines. They usually come back later for the rest, unless of course another animal has gotten to it already.

So for you to replace this natural feeding pattern, use brown rice cooked, add raw parsley, cilantro, shaved carrot, raw, natural, organic, plain yogurt, raw meats or lightly steamed meats and veggies, (until used to the raw meats), use flax oil, or coconut oil, or chia seeds, or Seabuckthorn Oil (1 tspn daily, small animal, 1 tblspn large), broccoli, cauliflower etc, NO potatoes or tomatoes.
I suggest you add whatever formulas your animal needs to either stay healthy or to support a condition to gain more health. Prime Pet Bone and Joint for the animals with arthritic problems, K-9 Shield for Immune system, or Auto Immune, Essence of Peace for calming, or for neurotic behaviours, as needed into a herbal ball treat (see Recipe below) for nervous, abused, hyper, afraid, behavioral issues, etc, Soothe, for support of digestive or respiratory upsets, Giver To My Liver for gentle detox and cleansing, A Moon System for the support of the immune system, Tumor Time as needed, Prime Pet regular, as a daily, healthful maintenance supplement. We suggest using Hear Ye Ear Oil for ears, Comfrey Soothing Salve for hot spots, rashes or cuts as needed. Calm the Chaos Emergency Drops soothing essence. Kennel Cough, kept on hand, for the coughs as needed.
All of the dried/fresh herbs and Herbs of the World Inc. products mentioned above can be added to your pets daily diet by adding them to the herbal ball treats and/or their food (after it is cooked or raw) mixed with fla, coconut, or black seed oil.

Herb Balls
- 1 lb or more of organic ground turkey, chicken, beef, or wild meat.
- Prime Pet or any other Herbs of the World Inc. products, herbal supplements, and healthy oil.
- Figure out how many balls you want and according to what size animal, then mix in appropriate amounts of herbs, one dose per ball.
- Add finely chopped cilantro, parsley and any other raw herbs that may be appropriate.

We freeze the balls in trays in the freezer, and take out as needed. This is very convenient and is an excellent way to get the herbs to the animals, plus they LOVE it!!!
Use Flower Essences, in the water they drink, (make sure it is good quality water, not full of chlorine and chemicals) as needed for emotional and healing issues.
www.herbsoftheworld.com or Blog www.herbsoftheworld.net Phone
(208) 756-1641

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Recycling Competitive Horses, Holistic and Natural Treatment of the Equine

We rescue and recycle competitive horses, retrain, reuse, and either keep them and lend them out, as needed, or place them in a good home.
We have several horses to fit your category as a natural performer, but one in particular stands out.
Her name is HMS Mariah.
She was a nasty dispositioned, cranky, unruly, rude barrel, pole, rodeo horse when we got her. Not all rodeo horses are like that, most I have met have been well behaved, appearing to like their jobs and well trained.
She lived in a small pen most of her life in the desert, fed a poor quality hay, and was used to rodeo on, put back in the pen, and not used for much else.
She was not physically abused as in beaten, she had lived a spartan life, that was hard on her hormones, her psyche and over all mental health.
She is part mustang we beleive, has excellent feet, and had never been shod. We spent almost three years retraining her, not running her on the barrels or poles for some time.
We worked with Mike Seal, a Chris Cox trainer, and outstanding trainer in his own right, to get her mentally healthy. She was so stuck, it was a frustrating job for a long time.
We allowed her to live in a 45 acre, virgin Mountain pasture, in a herd , with local fresh herbs and foliage, multiple terrains, pasture, natural Mountain stream and forest.
Mariah, as well as living in a very natural environment, when she isnt being shown, ridden or performing, is fed high quality herbs. She is now 19 years old and works hard doing many jobs. She is sound and healthy, both mentally and physically.
She gets herbs, when she works outside her pasture home, for anti arthritic, anti aging, anti oxidant, hormonal support, herbal electrolytes and immune blend with garlic when we travel to keep her bug and virus free.

With all the work we did with Mariah, my two daughters, Katey and Kaylaa Gutman, did a lot of ground work, riding, english, pre dressage, western pleasure, show jumping, reining in Queen contests, teaching her how to do most all of this. She sometimes stepped on them, or knocked them over, or swung her hind end, plastering them against the barn in a spread eagle. At times the girls and I wanted to give up on her.

Here is a long list of her accomplishments to date, with several photos in this attachment ( we have many more if you want us to send them) here we go:

State 2nd place in 2007 4H Show Jumping
State 1st place in 2009 4H Show Jumping
Miss Lil Bit Rodeo Idaho, 2008, Kaylaa on board
Hailey Days of the Old West, Teen Queen, Katey on board
Salmon Stampede Queen, Katey on board
Multiple 4 H accomplishments, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Halter, etc
Roping at High School Rodeo as a Heel Horse
Pole Bending High School Rodeo
Barrel Racing, top Ten, High School Rodeo
High School Rodeo, 3rd Runner Up, for State of Idaho, 2009 Katey on board
Parade horse
Flag Carrying horse
Drill team
Dressed in costumes and performance in reinging patterns to music, etc
Loaned out to several kids needing a bomb proof horse to ride for 4 H or High School events
A trusted stand by for almost any situation requiring a good mind and willingness to serve, that is our Mariah!!
Plus best of all , you can tell she is very happy

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Apple Cider Vinegar _ benefits for horses and humans, Easy and it Works

Cider Vinegar is what is on my mind- People who have chronic inflammation from using “sugar free” products like aspartame and others, can get releif in a couple of days. Number one, STOP taking the artificial sweeteners and Number 2, add 2 Tspn per 8 oz glass of water of pure, Braggs, or other organic brand and drink before every meal or until you feel better, drink several times a day. Minerals, …like potassi
HORSES- that are competing, getting old, or have been compromised can get benefits for inflammation, pain, digestion and more the same as HUMANS. GIve 1/4-1/2 c daily in feed to acheive remarkable results in a short time, your horse will be more limber and come back from competition quicker. We strongly suggest using our Herbal electrolyte Thumper, and Free Flowin for best results when competing.

•Rich in enzymes & potassium
•Support a healthy immune system
•Helps control weight
•Promotes digestion & ph Balance
•Helps soothe dry throats
•Helps remove body sludge toxins
.Helps combat inflammation and pain, the breakdown of arthritic causing residue

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Paracites, Natural Solutions

Although we sell pure DE, our herbal formulas for paracites do have it in the ingredients, then we also use a bunch of herbs that are parasite removal and support to the gut and immune. One of the interesting ones in the blend called Parisigihts is the Chinese herb/seed, Roasted torry seed. This actually cracks the egg and kills the baby. Synergistic use of the various paraciticides that are herbal is both useful and essential in order to proceed with a long term worming plan. It is simple, but you have to have a game plan, management of living area, foods eaten, vaccines, leaky gut , to avoid risk of infestation. Some of the herbal formulas to use from Herbs of the World are : Pparagone, Paris Sights and or pure Diatamaceous Earth.

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Vaccine Reactions for Dogs, What can I do?

This is what herbalism, traditional medicine, looks like when supporting animals to regain their healthy after a traumatic incident.
What to do with a dog who has vaccinosis. That means allergic or toxic reactions to vaccines. A friend asked me what she could do holistically and this is what I told her to do:

Use our formula for dogs, Thumper, a herbal electrolyte and energizer, softens, soothes , strengthens soft tissue, including mucous membranes. Good for the heart, nutritious. High in B vitamins , Iron, minerals, all plant based.
Also the formula, Liver Up, has done miraculous things for dogs and horses. Mild yet effective detox for the liver, while rebuilding healthy cells, blood and function.
I would suggest Thuja homeopathic, 30 C, 3 pellets, three times daily for one week. This will help the body restore and over come the side effects of the vaccines.
Use Castor oil, mixed with coconut oil, half and half, add Frankincense and lavender to oil, lightly heated, massage in two times daily over the kidney, down spine, over hard lumps that are over the hips. Feed bone broths in water bowl, and raw bones as food to chew on, steamed veggies, and raw meat.
To make bone broths, boil knuckle bones, 4 hours at a slow boil, strain, do not season. Let dog drink daily 1-2 quarts, do this for 5-7 days.
This will alkalize, revive, nurture and restore systems in the body, after a trauma, weakness etc. The Chinese, Europeans and south Americans, and likely more cultures than this used this method to stay healthy. My Mom often cooked bone broths when we were growing up.
Rub pads of his feet with straight oils, like Rocky Mountain Oils, Frankincense, or Vetiver one drop on each pad, daily. These oils are as good a quality as Young Living and Doterra, much less expensive. They are food grade, pure and non toxic.
Look up the formulas on our web site under Pets, www.herbsoftheworld.com

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Anti Oxidants, Food as Medicine

Not only can we learn from how horses eat, we can also benefit by the things they eat.
Similarly, humans can eat many of the same herbs and grains horses pick naturally in the wild.
For example, high natural oils in sage brush, mints and other related plants can encourage a healthy immune system and also naturally worm our wild horses, or horses in captivity. It works the same for us humans.
Anti oxidant food, berries, greens, barks, leaves and more all work to keep mammals healthy, with a long life span.
More herbs, spices, natural grains ( in moderation) in our diets, daily, long term produce the desired results of resilient health and wellness. Our food as medicine, remember it daily a plant based diet is best .

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