Athletic Equine with Old Injuries Becomes 2015 Horse of the Year!!

We are so excited to announce that our horse Tuf despite old injuries wins “Horse of the Year” in Idaho’s district 1 high school rodeo. Bred for athleticism, Tuf competes in 5 rodeo events. His calm and willing demeanor combined with his rider’s (Kaylaa Gutman) confidence and respect for her mount means a trip to the 2015 Idaho State Rodeo Finals as one of the top 4 competitors from district 1! Tuf is a classy horse; he is cross trained in English show jumping, dressage, and English flat work. This cross training keeps him happy, increases his intelligence, allows his to de-stress and prevents him from becoming sour. He also does Western pleasure, trail class, halter, and reining. He has won 4H show jumping and several Queen Contests including the Hailey Days of the Old West.

Neck Injury Makes Bending Difficult

Horse Natural PastureLife hasn’t always been easy for Tuf. As a young horse, he had been roped on his neck, severing the muscle that joins his neck to his head. He copes well today with this neck, muscle and vertebrae injury due to Kaylaa’s intuitive care and proper nutrition. He is all heart, but the stiffness and the pattern of pain and stress of the long-term injury was taking its toll on him. He was neurotic and reactive and lost weight easily when he came to stay with us. We decided to make some lifestyle changes to his living conditions and diet. His living conditions today mimic those of a wild horse on green pasture with fresh water and he competes barefoot. He runs in mud, hard dirt, deep dirt, sand and at times gravel and his hoofs are perfectly sound with no hoof or tendon issues.

Natural Herbal Remedies Makes the Difference

Kaylaa conditions and trains with gentle horsemanship. This quality care builds his confidence, makes him comfortable and willing. Tuf now grazes on wild herbs and pristine horse pasture. Kaylaa also feeds him all natural herbal remedies from Herbs of the World which give him the added essential plant based nutrients he needs. Right now, Tuf is on 4 popular herbal blends which have made it possible for him to be competitive as he was bred to be:

Free Flowin helps Tuf with breaking up calcification around his old injuries where arthritic changes have happened. It also helps with the inflammation and pain making his daily life more comfortable.

Poise – Balances his male hormones, feeds his nervous system, and helps to keep him from getting too hot. We love Poise because it keeps Tuf sane, sensible and calm, allowing him to focus his nervous energy into competitive energy.

Ulcer Ease – High stress performance also affects the gut. High in plant based B vitamins and iron, Ulcer Ease is a natural buffer to his gut. This keeps up his energy and muscle tone at its peak.

When Tuf gets stressed he has a natural tendency to lose weight easily. The combination of Free Flowin- and Ulcer Ease keeps his gut happy preventing associated acidic stomach.

The Miracle of Anti-Stress Oil

Horse Care, Anti Stress OilDespite giving Tuf all the love and nutrients, he was still struggling in competition. 10 events within 24 hours and Tuf began showing signs of mental stress. His muscles were tighter and the corner of his left eye started to twitch. Right away, Kaylaa and I knew something more was needed to allow him to compete comfortably. There comes in our miraculous Anti-Stress Oil, a blend of essential and nutritive oils. Kaylaa massaged it into the stress points throughout his body and on the coronet bands of his feet. Wow, what a difference, he finished district championships healthy, calm and relaxed. Kaylaa even cooled him out afterwards with a 4 year old child on his back.

Horse Nutrition & Intuitive Care Gives Tuf and Kaylaa the Edge

In addition to his herbal diet, Kaylaa feeds Tuf small amounts of natural grains, oats, corn, and barley with added coconut fiber moistened with a full bottle of natural dark stout ale. When Tuf is performing hard He gets this twice a day. As part of our intuitive care for Tuf, we took things one step further adding chiropractic, massage and structural integration to his regimen.

Tuf and Kaylaa Win horse of  year

Tuf and his rider, Kaylaa are an excellent example of a winning competitive team striving for top performance.

I am so proud of my daughter Kaylaa. She is a strong competitor displaying a natural talent with horses, but more than that she is kind. She is kind to animals and children and super respectful of those around her. She shares in Herbs of the World belief system, “the humane treatment of animals and people across the world”.

What struggles does your competitive horse have?