Mother Earth and Sustainable Resources – Herbs of the World is a Green Business

Herbs of the World is a green business, or a business that uses, promotes, aspires to eco or sustainable practices. As a business it is our goal to not cause a negative impact on local or global environments. Our goal is to help the community, and or the economy by using sustainable growing, wild crafting, recycling and reusing resources. As green business we are both socially and environmentally responsible, and are focused on implementing principles and practices that benefit our employees, community, and the planet. Our clients are drawn to our eco/green business because of our reputation as a corporation that protects environmental resources, ensures the well-being of both employees and those who supply the company, and constantly renews our approach to make us aligned with sustainability and reducing environmental impact. This is an ongoing endeavor that requires constant learning and improving.

Our new 100% compostable packaging is something we are very proud of. Eight years ago we gave up all plastic packaging except for our liquids. Our herbs are certified organic, except for Chinese herbs which are certified lead free and E. coli free.

Herbs that are wild crafted are ethically wild crafted; making sure all plants can continue to grow in the wild.

Herbs of the World has long been involved in recycling and rescuing competitive horses from all disciplines. Included are the rescue of 1000’s of PMU or Premarin foals over the years, We have worked hard to educate women that they have a choice of using the synthetic Premarin instead of the mare urine based drug.

We offer assistance to rescue organizations for horses, cats and dogs.

Herbs of the World won an award in 2016 for Employer of the Year for hiring special needs and drug court employees.

We are convinced if we all do our part for the earth and for each other, the world will indeed be a better place.

Being a green company is something we take very seriously, we hope you will join us in recycling, reusing and rescuing animals as you can. The earth is our Mother and we must take care of her.
Green Regards