Adrenal Fatigue

My understanding and experience with adrenal gland fatigue in horses is that this condition is due to poor diet and nutrition, a toxic overload such as heavy metal toxicity, extreme shock , emotional trauma, physical trauma, insufficient rest after working hard, excessive stimulants used in competitive horses or caffeine over use on humans. Stress is also one of the very biggest contributors.

Adrenal Fatigue Remedies

I suggest using a plant-based herbal formal that provides zinc and magnesium. In my opinion, this provides the best results for herbivores. It may be best to also flush the liver and kidney. I also recommend that you take a close look at the feed the horse is on to make sure it is not contributing to the toxicity.

We offer several formulas that can be beneficial for your horse. I would suggest Thumper, a natural herbal electrolyte, muscle enhancer, energy producer, and digestive soother. Give this horse 3 TBS two times daily along with a 1/4 cup of raw pumpkin seeds for at least 3-6 months.

After the first month, I suggest using Liver Up to clear the stagnant chi from the liver and kidney. It may be necessary to follow up with Pee King, a Chinese veterinarian formula that we make for muscle spasm and clearing of the kidneys. After using the above, the horse may not need the Pee King. That can be ascertained as the horse makes improvement.

Help for High Strung Horse

If the horse is naturally high strung or stressed due to competition, Poise balances, calms and builds healthy energy. It can be used daily or as a pre-race.