Testimonial for my horse that you helped!!!

T Ferrando writes:

My young horse was so full of anxiety before he would run that we almost gave up on him completely, he was rearing, lunging and almost getting to be dangerous. We had tried EVERYTHING and finally this was suggested, what could it hurt. So we started Jim on the Poise and the Essence of Peace. What a difference, it was like night and day with him. He still gets antsy but he is controllable, his feet stay on the ground and he is very focused on what he is there to do.

Thank you so much for saving our relationship with this horse, he has turned to be a phenomenal horse, and I am not sure we ever would have got there with him if it weren’t for these herbs! PS. I have my other 2 older boys on your Tumeric and Aloe and they are doing AWESOME. I love all of your products!