Bleeder Program for Horses with EIPH, Breathing or Lung weakness

Herbs of the World, Bleeder Program

Heavy racing and training can make a horse weaker. Herbs of the World makes a bleeder program that helps each organ and system of the body work more efficiently and recover rapidly, so a competitive horse can race stronger and last longer. Race horses often suffer from lack of Chi in the body and organs of the body, causing lung tissue weakness, such as scarring, bleeding, EIPH, decrease of stamina, heaves, tying up, anhydrosis and more. .

All substances that are used in Herbs of the World, Bleeder Program are not Banned, DO NOT TEST and are non toxic to the equine athlete.. There are no adverse side effects. Horses will benefit from the all natural plant based formulas that are compatible to the herbivores body. We use only nontoxic, gentle plant based formula, to soothe, encourage the body to heal, stop bleeding, heal the lungs, feel vital , feel better and help the horse quickly recover from race or travel stress of any kind.
Horses are herbivores. Plants are foods to horses. They can flourish and do their best living in captivity when responsible trainers and owners provide them with a lifestyle that is compatible to horses. This is especially true if given the opportunity to have plants and herbs in compatible formula for their wellbeing fed daily, when racing or when performing.
Below are some of the problems or Symptoms of EIPH, or Horses with Breathing Problems

A. Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (E I P H) including visible bleeding from the nose after exertion, or bleeding from the lungs visible when a vet “scopes” the lungs

B. Headshaking, or putting the head up , fear of racing or performing, as the horse will feel like it is drowning in its own blood, once the blood starts to come up the trachea, and “then quits during a race, for unknown reasons.

C. Poor  effort or stopping during a run or a performance when horse is considered fit and or healthy

D. Refusal and evidence of fear to go forward when doing normal activities such as walking or loping,

E. Rough coat, poor hoof condition, anamia, lackluster appearance.

F. Non sweaters who suffer   (anhydrosis), or little to no sweating, causing a huge tax on the respiratory, heart, veins , kidneys and other systems of the body (we strongly suggest our Herbal formula, Thumper, and Stoke that Fire, with Yer All Wet formulas when these conditions present themselves).

G. A horse that goes from winning races  and doing well, dropping to bottom claimers, unable to run at potential.

Herbs of the World, Bleeder Program, when used with herbal formula, Thumper, ensures full hydration and better performance.

Herbs of the World has been used by Top Performing competitive horses, world wide for almost 20 years. It is safe and gentle to use as well as being natural to the digestion of the horse. Horses that have competed in the Triple Crown the Brown Jug, in Dubai and all other areas of competition in the Equine world have benefited and done well on our Bleeder Program.

The Bleeder Program, prevents stress in the horse when travelling .
. Avoiding processed, pelleted, or additive feeds be kept to a minimum or out of the competitive horses diet. Pure whole foods, herbs, grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits are an excellent base for a competing equine athlete.
Molasses, unless it is organic black strap is not recommended for a healthy horse. The feeds that are stating they have molasses added, such as sweet feeds of any kind, use the dregs or bottom of the barrel molasses that is both and allergen and irritant to most horses..Horses that have been diagnosed with EIPH do best on a more natural diet, with as much sunlight, barefoot lifestyle and natural herbage.
The complete Bleeder Program, from Herbs of the World, consists of the following:
– Bloodless Victory, a tonic formula, focusing on lungs, blood, breathing and efficient functioning of every organ and system in the body. Used 6 days a week, when horses are in racing, competition of any kind, or heavy training.
– Run For Your Life, a natural bronchodilator, formula, that moves fluid from the lungs, puts oxygen in the blood through more efficient respirations, improves performance . and encourages healing of the hair like villae in the lungs.This formula can be fed as a pre race. RFYL can also be fed for for 30 days at a time, if a horse has serious respiratory problems, such as bleeding, heaves, allergies involving the lungs.
– Chinese Bleeder liquid. Made with local raw honey, cider vinegar, kosher vegetable glycerine, raw herbs, raw vegetables and extracted North American and Chinese herbs.
This formula is a liquid that goes right into the bloodstream prior to competiton, allowing the horse to have a “seat belt” of safety. Providing healthy nutrients and herbs for nourishment of the athletic horse under stress. This formula focuses on the blood, lungs, breathing and a support for every organ and system of the body.
-Korean Stop Bleeding- Developed by a Korean herbalist using Chinese and North American herbs to help stop bleeding and to strengthen the “Chi”.
-Safety Belt, Chinese and North American herbs to help stop bleeding, quick recovery from surgery, wounds, trauma or stress. Used as a pre race or a formula that can be used for 10 days at a time to help recovering. Contains tienchi ginseng and other herbs used traditionally in Yunan Bayeu.