Natural Solutions to Control Parasites

The natural solutions to controlling parasites are simple, but you have to have a game plan. This includes the management of living area, feeds, vaccines, and leaky gut to avoid the risk of infestation.

We promote the use of  pure DE, Diatamaceous Earth. Our food grade Diatomaceous Earth is 100% pure, fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton  with no fillers or other additives. It has has low level minerals that are beneficial are good for the bones and body. Diatomaceous Earth works by getting into the joints of the “bugs” that have an exoskeleton, and it makes the innards of the bug dry out and eventually die.

Our herbal formulas for parasites include DE in the ingredients. The herbal remedies include herbs known for parasite removal and also support the gut and immune system. One of the interesting herbs in the blend called Paris Sights is the Chinese herb/seed, Roasted torry seed. This actually cracks the egg and kills the baby. Synergistic use of the various herbal parasiticides is both useful and essential in order to proceed with a long term worming plan.

For People parasite control we recommend:

For Pets parasite control we recommend:

For Equine Parasite control we recommend: