Ayurvedic Medicine, You and Your Animals

Ayurvedic medicine is a system of healing that originated in ancient India and commonly practiced in modern India. The Sanskrit or ancient India scripts, ayur means life or living, and veda means knowledge.  Ayurveda (knowledge of living) means  the “science of longevity.” Ayurvedic medicine incorporates the holistic wellness methods of mind, body, and spirit through diet, cleansing, purification practices, herbal and mineral remedies, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and massage therapy.

Ayurvedic Methods Promote Good Health

Ayervedic is a pro-active method of healing. It is non toxic and non invasive, so it is perfect for people and animals. It can be safely used in conjunction with modern medicine. The Ayervedic methods of healing and health seek to discover the roots of the problem before they become severe.Today people tend to take a great interest in pro-active health care for themselves and their animals increasing awareness and interest in the Ayervedic methods of healing.

The Ayurvedic methods are useful for helping stress related illnesses, metabolic or chronic syndromes or conditions, skin conditions, allergies, respiratory, anxiety, arthritis, chronic fatigue, colds, colitis, colic, constipation, depression, diabetic syndrome, heart disease and many more.

Herbs of the World is committed to including Ayurvedic methods as we strive to bring you more advanced and unique, highly effective products for you and your animals. We utilize some Ayurvedic herbs in various formulas, such as our  Life Force Fiber Food, Easy Steppe for people, and Free Flowin for horses.