Winter Horse Care Tips – Giving Herbs in the Winter

People often ask me about winter horse care tips and whether or not to give their horses herbs during the winter months. It does get cold out in most areas of North America, even Florida and Arizona experience a change in the weather. Not like up north though!

Clients ask me if it is a good idea not to feed herbs during the winter months?

It depends on the age, injury status and overall health of your horse. The aging equines are usually kept on herbs that support healthy muscle mass, digestion and anti arthritic herbs.

Younger horses are kept on minerals, good hay, and herbs to promote building muscle mass and bone growth. This is especially true if they are going to be trained hard and compete in the spring and coming summer.

Many people don’t feed herbs in the winter, giving their horses a break during non competitive times of the year. This is a good idea for non competitive horses. Older horses and really young horses however, still benefit from herbs during the winter months.

Herbs That Benefit Horses During Winter Months

Arms Length is a formula which has been used on horses that are old and losing muscle mass and on young horses that need to build muscle mass and strong bones. Originally designed 25 years ago for a young thoroughbred who showed enormous potential, but spent his time in the corner of his stall, cowering. He was not gaining weight or muscle and worried most of the time. The stress of heavy training was taking a toll. After a couple months on the formula, he developed a nicely muscled hind quarter and went on to train and race aggressively doing very well in competition.

Excellent Winter Horse Herbs

History of Arms Length Blend

Now some history as to how and why this Arms Length blend was put together. In the old days, walking across the prairies and mountains when the pioneers first settled the land, many women died during child birth. Newborn babies were left Motherless. In the often harsh environment, it was difficult to keep the infants alive.

One of the very important ways they kept infants alive was by giving the newborns Slippery Elm, or Marshmallow Root gruel. These wonderful plants contain B vitamins and iron, also buffering all mucous membranes and increasing digestive ability.

Added herbs for calming the nerves and nurturing the internal organs make this Arms Length herbal formula extremely valuable to the aging or young horse.

Rescue horses, 200-300 lbs underweight have been brought back to full recovery using the correct feed, vet care and Arms Length.

Strengthen the Immune System

Harsh winter temperatures and the hay’s nutritional value can affect your horse’s immune system especially in older and younger horses. If the immune system is an issue, we suggest one of Herbs of the World Garlic n Roses blends to further increase the health and wellness throughout the winter.

Be well and stay warm!