Summer Greeting, Health in Local Plants and Offer

Summer Greetings from Herbs of the World.

Herbs of the World is located in a small remote town of Salmon Idaho. We see herds of deer, elk, big horn sheep and mountain goats along the roads, crossing our lawns and grazing in our pastures on a daily basis. Sometimes we see herds of wild horses in the valley or on the high mountain ridges as we pass by.

We are so blessed to live in a remote area with so much wildlife and plant life to enjoy. I often marvel at how robust these animals are as I watch them pick and chew their way through the huge array of plants. Wild horses range up to 20 miles a day eating grasses, leaves, roots and thistles; maybe even eating a fallen beehive now and again. We are fortunate to pasture our horses on 46 acres in the mountains where these wild critters roam. I am so pleased with how vibrant and fit the our horses are.

Herbs of the World aims to bring quality, natural herbs to your horses feed tub, your small animals bowl, or the plant based human blends for health and well being. We often add ethically wild craft herbs to our formulas for their exceptional plant based nutrients. We hand mix all blends and oversee each formula with love and care.

We use only recyclable packaging that is 100% biodegradable. Not only have we “gone green” but we compost all of our plant debris and recycle shipping containers.

To celebrate the month of August, every box of herbs we send out will have a hand picked wild crafted, sage bundle as a gift for you, your home, farm and animals. Used to “smudge your house, barn or yourself and animals”. Like a sacred prayer, to cleanse negative energy, bring peace or clear the heart and mind, this is how it is used. We include instructions in each box we send. If you have questions, contact

Thank you for your patronage, patience, and kindness.
Herbs of the World