Improve Dog and Cat Diet Naturally

Have you ever wondered how you could change your dog or cat’s diet to improve their health? We’d like to give you some helpful information and offer some suggestions. As you know, our companion animals’ ancestors were wild animals that ate the half digested contents of the intestines first. Present day wild and feral animals do the same thing. Since most of their prey is herbivores (mice, deer, rats, etc) they eat the partially digested grasses, herbs, seeds, grains, and other organs near the intestines. They usually come back later for the rest, unless of course another animal has gotten to it already.

The healthiest diet for our furry friends is one that includes meat and plant-based products.

Changing Your Pets’ Feeding Pattern

In order for you to replace this natural feeding pattern, you need to start by adding cooked brown rice mixed with one or more of the following: raw parsley, cilantro, plain yogurt, raw or lightly steamed meats and veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, and chia seeds. We also suggest adding flaxseed, coconut or Sea Buckthorn Oil: 1 TSP daily for small animal, 1 TBS for large animal on a daily basis. Do NOT feed your pets potatoes, tomatoes, onions or mushrooms.

It may take a while for animals to adjust to raw meat. As tolerated add more organic raw meats wild game or fresh road kill. If you know any hunters ask them for organ meats, bones, and butchering scraps. Separate them into small pieces and freeze them in zip lock bags. You can pull these out when needed and give them to your pet. Raw knucklebones are particularly useful in maintaining and or restoring a pet’s health. The marrow of the bones provides essentials for bones, sinew, joints, and muscle.

How to Feed Your Pet Herbs

All of our Herbs of the World Inc. products can be added to your pets’ daily diet by adding them to the herbal ball treats and/or their food. I suggest you add the formulas listed below that will meet your animal needs to either stay healthy or to support an existing condition.

We suggest you purchase a good dry dog or cat food, for convenience sake when you are traveling or too busy to feed a raw diet. You can also call us at (208) 756-1641 if you have any questions about our products and how they might help you.