Gall Bladder Flush Cleanse

We recommend this Healthy Gall Bladder Flush Cleanse program as a natural way to cleanse the gall bladder, bowel and flush the lymphatic system.  This Gall Bladder Flush Cleanse program should be completed a couple of times a year for maximum health benefits. As with all changes in your diet, first consult your physician.

Due to the fact that our environment and lifestyle can be full of stress and toxic chemicals from the food we eat, cleansing should be a part of our lives, always. Many equine enthusiasts or runners enjoy ongoing flushing as these sports encourage lymph movement, throughout the body. However it is not enough and full flushing should be done.

For best results, we recommend the following Alkalinizing diet and Gall Bladder Flush, along with a diet that contains as many organic fruits, meats and vegetables as possible, whether vegetarian or omnivore diets. Raw juices are best if possible and if not high quality, sugar free juices should be used.

Gall Bladder Flush Cleanse Herbs the World Method

You will need:

  1. Olive oil, 20 ounces
  2. Prune or grape juice (If you absolutely abhor either of these, then use unfiltered apple juice. Even pineapple juice is fine.)
  3. Several fresh lemons, about 10 depending on their size. You will want to have enough lemon juice on hand as it helps you to manage the oil.
  4. Herbal tea (Herbs of the World Life Force Invigorating herbal teas are best suited for this.)
  5. Herbs of the World Life Force Fiber Food
  6. A good herbal laxative or an enema bag

The very best way to flush the gallbladder is to complete a proper 7 day fruit fast first and then proceed with two days of a juice fast during which you add the olive oil. Therefore you would proceed as follows:

Gall Bladder Flush Days 1 to 7:
Eat as much fruit as you want to eat of any kind, mainly raw but some cooked should be fine such as apple sauce. Keep to one kind of fruit each day. Some fruit juice and herbal teas. Also eat nuts, preferably nuts which have been soaked overnight as the nuts are easier to digest in a semi-sprouted state. Continue to take the Herbs of the World Life Force Fiber Food as recommended. It will both cleanse your body and allay your hunger pangs. If you find you simply can not stand the hunger, you may enjoy a little yogurt once in a while. However the Fiber Food should be adequate.

Gall Bladder Flush Days 8 and 9: Beginning at 9:00 AM

  • Take 1 ounce of olive oil mixed with prune, grape or other juice mixed with some lemon juice. Try using the blender.
  • Repeat the procedure every hour until you have, over the course of the day, consumed 8 to 10 ounces of olive oil. Go to bed fairly early.
  • Repeat the regime the second day only finishing with a laxative before bed if necessary

Gall Bladder Flush Cleanse Days 10 to 14:

  • Go back to your fruit fast as described in Days 1 to 7 continuing with Herbs of the World Life Force Fiber Food.

Gall Bladder Flush Cleanse Days 15 to 20:

  • Ease yourself back into regular foods with lots of salads and vegetables.

Note: People that cannot tolerate olive oil can use Safflower oil but it doesn’t cleanse as well as olive oil.